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About Xinjiang Review/关于新疆评论

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About Xinjiang/关于新疆

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Xinjiang Forum

Recent events and updates/近期更新

This section invites Xinjiang scholars or observers as discussant to join with key speakers/notes on current events or developments in or about Xinjiang.

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China: Police DNA Database Thr ...

admin - 2-6-2017 00:42

Xinjiang forum(新疆论坛)

This section invites scholars to post their insightful thoughts on Xinjiang preferably in format of short article and share with their counterparts of other countries, contributing to developing the field of the Xinjiang study worldwide.

Sub Forum: 【Afghanistan】  【China (Han)】  【EU】  【India】  【Iran】  【Israel】  【Japan】  【Pakistan】  【Russia】  【Saudi and the Arab world】  【Turkey and the Turkic world】  【Uyghurs】  【U.S.A.】  【Other countries or regions】  

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Retaining the Loyalty of Xinji ...

yamashita - 5-4-2011 09:29

Xinjiang Study Database/新疆研究资料库

Chronological and Thematic Survey

This section collects published articles on Xinjiang as a database for Xinjiang scholars.  Major topics and chronologies included are as follow:

Muslim Chagaitaid (pre-1750)/Manchu Huijiang or Hui Region: rules and laws (1750-1883)/ Manchu and Muslims/ (1750-1883)/ Manchu-Chinese Xinjiang (1884-1911)/Xinjiang under Nationalist China (1912-1949)/ Xinjiang under Communist China (1949-1978)/ Xinjiang since the reform era (since 1979) /Xinjiang at trouble/Representing Xinjiang: Xinjiang, Xinjiang local government, Chinese central government, Uyghurs in-exile / Xinjiang in international politics.

Sub Forum: 【Chinese language】  【English and other languages】  【Uyghur language】  

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bibliographic and historical s ...

yamashita - 8-3-2011 09:57
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