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Forum Description: The terminology of “Xinjiang” (New Territory, New Region, or New Dominion) reflects the Qing expansion and imperialism in 18th century Central Asia, while “East Turkistan Republic” (or East Turkistan Islamic Republic) attempts to cover the nature of various Uyghur nationalistic movements in the early 20th century against the Manchu-Chinese Empire.  These highly politicized geographic terminologies reveal the dynamics and developments of the region in politics, ethnicity, and societies and in many ways highlight different ways of thinking about Xinjiang history and its future destiny.   It is only for the purpose of convenience and consistency that this website/E-journal deploys the popular term “Xinjiang” referring to this highly contested region of Central Asia.  To use “Xinjiang” also implies that the chronology spans from the Qing dynasty, when the region became the Qing’s new dominion, to the present, in which disputes and conflicts over the legitimate status of the region between China and local Uyghurs still remain.


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